Victoria Folks,
Piano Teacher

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Student Levels: Beginner to Advanced

Student Ages: Four to adult


Victoria Folks was born in San Antonio Texas, where she’s been competing and performing since the age of 5. By the age of 14, Victoria won two performances at Carnegie Hall. Some of her more recent performance experiences include accompanying vocalists and instrumentalists, ensemble performances, and performing with rock band, Kansas during their US collegiate tour. Although Victoria enjoys performing, she has also developed a love for teaching children to love music in their own way.

In 2007, Victoria began teaching private piano lessons while finishing her bachelor’s degree in Piano Performance. During this time, she developed an interest in music cognition and music psychology, and worked as a research assistant at the Human Performance Lab, at the Research Imaging Institute of  UTHSCSA, where she was able to research music cognition. After completing her bachelors of music in 2012, she continued studying to pursue a bachelor’s degree in psychology which she completed in 2014. Victoria’s research in music cognition led her to develop a new method of teaching children with attention spectrum disorders and other learning differences. By using their interests to help develop focus, and teaching to their creative strengths, students with different learning needs can learn to express themselves through music. Currently, she is pursuing her research interests while working on her master’s degree in Piano Performance and Pedagogy at UTSA.

Victoria is passionate about giving her students positive musical experiences. Her goal for her students is to develop mastery of the instrument. By developing the ability to self-evaluate, and use practice strategies efficiently, students will have the capability to learn music independently and pursue any musical interest they may have. To achieve this goal, Victoria will focus on:

  • Building a strong foundation of technique,
  • Gaining proficiency in music theory and reading notation,
  • Developing creativity and independence so they may use music as a form of self-expression.
  • Learning to think critically and evaluate their own performances.
  • Giving students efficient practice strategies to develop strong practice and memorization habits so they may perform with confidence in any setting.
  • Encouraging students to challenge themselves and perform at their highest potential to develop artistry and confidence.

Many of the skills taught are transferable to other areas of study and will benefit students well beyond their weekly piano lessons. Although Victoria places a strong emphasis on performance and encourages participation in competitive events, it is not a requirement for all students. Victoria accepts students between the ages of 4 – 18 and especially enjoys working with beginners.