Victoria Folks,
Piano Teacher

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Student Levels: Beginner to Advanced

Student Ages: Four to adult



Teaching Philosophy

I offer all of my students…

  • Individualized instruction:

Teaching to the student’s strengths and interests is a priority. As a music educator with more than a decade of teaching experience, I customize my teaching to each student, utilizing a variety of engaging activities to make learning fun, while still striving to develop excellence and mastery of the instrument.

I encourage my students to pursue any interests they may have. I assist them in learning how to set goals, and develop the practice habits that will allow them to reach their goals.

Students will work on:

– Building a strong foundation of technique.

– Gaining proficiency in music theory.

– Cultivating creativity and artistry.

– Developing metacognitive skills and independence in learning.

– Learning proper stage presence.

  • Preschool and Adaptive Piano Instruction

It is vital that a student’s first experience with piano be a positive one, that will lead them to develop a lifelong love of music. Using the Piano Safari method, provides students with a well-rounded and fun introduction to music with a focus on developing technique, memorization skills, creativity, reading musical notation, and performance practice.

I specialize in adaptive piano lessons for students with a wide spectrum of needs. My research background has lead me to develop a unique method of teaching to suit the needs of my students so they learn at a comfortable pace, while still having fun and developing essential skills necessary for a future of music making.

  • Performance and Competition

I provide students with the opportunity to pursue many different performance opportunities. Students are invited to perform at three studio recitals every year. I also encourage students to participate in competitive events at the regional, state, and international levels. My students have been invited to perform at a variety of venues, including Carnegie Hall in New York City.



Background and Experience

My name is Victoria Folks, I grew up in San Antonio, Texas where I began studying piano at the age of 5. My time was spent competing and performing, including two performances at Carnegie Hall. I soon developed a love for piano and decided to pursue a career in music. Through my experiences as a student, I learned that I wanted to be the kind of instructor who provides a safe and supportive learning environment for my students, no matter their level of dedication.

I completed my undergraduate degrees in Piano Performance,  and Psychology at the University of Texas at San Antonio. During my time as an Undergraduate student, I also had the opportunity to work at the Research Imaging Institute at the UT Health Science Center where I studied music cognition. I returned to UTSA to complete my graduate degree in Piano Performance and Pedagogy. During my time as a graduate student, I taught group piano courses in the music department. In 2017, I completed my Masters Degree and was awarded the Musical Arts Center of San Antonio Award for Excellence in Piano Pedagogy.

My research has been focused on how to accommodate many different types of students. This led me to design my own method for teaching students with learning differences, including: ADD, ADHD, Down Syndrome, Autism, etc. My master’s thesis Developing Metacognitive Strategies in Private Piano Students, examined how piano instructors teach students to practice efficiently, and the process through which students develop practice strategies as they grow.

Although I love teaching, when I am not in the studio I enjoy cooking, fine dining, reading, fitness, and playing with my dogs Lucy and Ben.