Taking Piano Lessons in San Antonio? Finger Exercises are Crucial

In order to play the piano well, you need to have flexible, dexterous fingers that can move across the keys easily and nimbly. Though practicing can help you develop this ability gradually, there are certain finger exercises that can actually improve your flexibility faster and make furthering your talents even easier.

Are you taking piano lessons in San Antonio? If you want to be as skilled as possible, you should be working a number of finger exercises and stretches into each and every one of your practice sessions. Not sure where to start? Here are a few standard exercises to get you going:

  • Basic stretching. Start with some basic stretches. Close your fingers into small, tight fists, hold them there for about 10 seconds. Release the fingers, extending them out completely. Repeat this two more times. Then, take a few seconds to stretch and bend each individual finger. This helps encourage your digits to work independently of each other – a crucial component of piano playing.
  • Use a rubber band. Get a small rubber band and wrap it around two adjacent fingers. Then, try moving the fingers apart from each other. Move them sideways, up, down and away from the other in any way you can, and build up the muscles of each individual finger. Be sure to switch off, and do this exercise with different sets of two every time.
  • Increase the gaps. Sometimes, pieces of music require you to stretch the thumb and pinky of one hand far distances across the keyboard. To make this easier, try these two practices. First, place your thumb on middle C. Then, use your pinky to stretch all the way up to the C key of the next octave. If you can go higher, do so! Do this on the other hand as well. You can also do some hand stretching off the piano, too. Just lay your hand on a flat surface, spread your fingers out, and use your other hand to slowly and gradually fan your fingers out further, increasing the gap between each one. Do this regularly and you’ll see a greatly improved range of motion.

Are you taking piano lessons in San Antonio? Then be sure to work these exercises into your practice sessions. Want more tips? Contact the Musical Arts Center of San Antonio today.