Taking Guitar Classes in San Antonio? 6 Items You’ll Need to Purchase

When you’re about to start taking guitar classes in San Antonio, obviously, you’ll need an acoustic or electric guitar. But those aren’t the only supplies you’ll need if you want to have a successful lesson.

Before you head to your first class, be sure to stock up on these six crucial items:

  1. Tuner – If you’re taking guitar classes in San Antonio for the first time, then you’ll definitely need a tuner. This will help you keep your instrument in tune before, during and after your lessons. Over time, you’ll be able to tune your guitar by ear, but this can take years to master.
  2. Capo – A capo is a small device that you place on the neck of your guitar. It helps raise the pitch of your guitar, allowing you to play higher notes without retuning your strings. Many popular songs require a capo to play, so you’ll want to invest in one early. A spring-clamp capo or a strap-on capo are both great options.
  3. Case – To protect your guitar while you travel to and from lessons, you’ll want to invest in a good, quality case. Though soft cases may save you cash, generally, you’ll want a hard case. This will best protect your guitar if you drop it, hit it against a wall or make any other error.
  4. Strap – Straps help you keep your instrument close to you, without having to use your hands. This makes it easy to play while standing – a crucial skill you’ll need to learn.
  5. Extra strings – Strings don’t last forever. In fact, chances are you’ll break one or two in just the first couple of lessons. Try to buy a multi-pack that offers you at least two or three of each string.
  6. Instruction book – Contact your teacher, and find out what instruction book they want you to purchase. This will have all your lessons, songs and assignments that you’ll need to use throughout your classes.

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