Singing Lessons for Kids: What Age Can They Start?

Enrolling your child in singing lessons for kids can be a great way to encourage their passions, develop their talents and give them a great foundation for a successful career later on in life. But at what age should they get started? Do you enroll them the first second you see a glimmer of musical interest? Or is it better to wait until they’re old enough to ask for the lessons themselves?

These are common questions we get from parents, and the truth is there are no set-in-stone answers. Every child is different, with different interests, abilities and attention spans. Because of this, determining if a child is ready for singing lessons for kids should be done on a case by case basis. Specifically, parents should consider these traits in their child:

  • Ability to focus and pay attention. The most important thing a vocal student can do is focus. If you’re considering enrolling your child in vocal lessons, consider their attention span. Will they be able to sit still, pay attention and work hard for 30 minutes straight? Or will the lesson turn into a glorified babysitting session 10 minutes after you leave? If your child isn’t quite ready to be still for that long, it may be beneficial to wait.
  • Interest and passion for music. How musically inclined is your child? Are they constantly singing, dancing and listening to the radio? Do they beg to perform at every holiday gathering? You want to be sure they’re actually interested in singing before enrolling them in lessons. If they’re not, they’ll get bored, stop paying attention and the lessons will essentially go nowhere, no matter how good the instructor is.
  • Vocal development. Typically, a child’s voice will keep changing until their late teens or early 20s, but the biggest changes come around puberty. Though it is possible for a child to start vocal lessons before puberty, they’ll need to adjust their methods once their voice begins to change in a few years. Most vocal instructors prefer to take students who have reached this peak age, as their voices have already gone through their most significant changes.

Are you considering enrolling your child in vocal lessons? Then contact the Musical Arts Center of San Antonio today. We offer singing lessons for kids of all ages. We’ll even match your child with the perfect instructor for their age and musical goals.