Singing Lessons for Beginners: How to Warm Up Your Voice

When you take singing lessons for beginners, your instructor will likely spend a few minutes helping you warm up your voice at the start of each session. However, if you really want to utilize your lesson time best and get the most instruction time in possible, you can actually warm up your voice at home, before leaving for your lesson. This will save time, and ensure you get as much one-on-one lesson time as you can.

Not sure how to do that? Just follow these easy steps:

  1. Stand up straight, and maintain good posture. Put your feet flat on the floor, your head up, and your shoulders back. This will allow you to breathe properly while warming up.
  2. Next, breathe deeply. Place your hand on your diaphragm, and feel it move up and down as you slowly breathe in and out. When exhaling, make a hissing sound. This teaches you to control the amount of air you expel and gives you a better grasp on your breath.
  3. Use the heels of your hand to massage your jaw on both sides. This relaxes the muscles and makes singing easier.
  4. Drink a glass of warm tea or warm water with honey. Avoid caffeine, smoking or cold drinks before your lesson.
  5. Sing your scales. Start off with a scale you’re comfortable with, and run through it a few times. Then, do the same for one octave up and one octave down.
  6. Practice lip and tongue trills. These will relax your muscles and help strengthen your breathing.
  7. Try a few sirens. Pick a note and slowly increase the volume, as well as the pitch. Then, go back down to where you started, and do it all over again. If done correctly, it should sound like a police siren.
  8. Finally, hum. Pick an easy song or just a few notes, and hum them quietly to yourself. This warms up your voice without straining it or wearing it out.

Are you enrolled in singing lessons for beginners? Then try these warm up exercises before your next session. Want to learn more about singing lessons? Contact the Musical Arts Center of San Antonio today.