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MACSA Achievement Awards

The purpose of these awards is to recognize the remarkable achievements of the recipients and to set goals for those who have the potential to make music at the highest level. Awardees will have combined quality with quantity; which is required for success in the music field. Quality is measured by a student’s success in various levels of competition. Quantity is measured by the type and amount of intense performance experience that the student has completed. Names of recipients of these awards are on display at MACSA’s North West location.


MACSA students may elect, with the approval of their instructors, to participate in competitions and festivals from the local to international level. MACSA piano instructors have had students take top prizes in nearly all of the major pre-collegiate competitions in Texas in addition to several national and international competitions.

Performance Club

All MACSA students are invited to share their musical talent and gift with family and friends at Performance Club recitals. These recitals are held at the MACSA North West Performance hall and serve to encourage goals at every level of musical development and achievement.

Rock Show and Acoustic Show

Rock Shows and Acoustic Shows are offered as a privilege to students prepared to perform in a public venue. They are typically held 2 or 3 times a year in the outdoor Plaza at our Stone Oak location.