Looking for the right music teacher for you or a family member?


Looking for the right music teacher for you or a family member? At MACSA, it’s our goal to help you find the teacher who will bring out your best. Whether you’re looking for piano, guitar, voice, or any of our other offered instruments, whether you’re a beginning student or have been playing for years, whether you seek out music as a hobbyist or a competitor, at MACSA, our placement team will work with you to find the perfect match!

Here are some tips to help you out, as well as some insights into our placement process:

  1. Initial Interest

Alright, you’re looking for music lessons – fantastic! Perhaps you’re a little overwhelmed, and wondering where to start. Why not check out our teacher bios? MACSA seeks out teachers of the highest caliber, and here you can learn about their backgrounds and teaching styles.

  1. Contacting MACSA

Don’t hesitate! Give us a call (210-697-7111), send us an email (macsa@sbcglobal.net), or fill out the “Interested in Lessons” form on our website. We’re happy to answer any questions you have, and we know the right questions to ask you, too! We want to know about you – hard facts like age and scheduling details are necessary, but we also want to know about your experience, your learning style, and your musical goals. The more we know, the better we’re able to find the right teacher for you.

  1. MACSA’s Professional Recommendations

Once we’ve talked with you and learned about you, we will send you an email recommending a particular teacher or teachers. Usually, we will give you three options, but there may be fewer – we will only recommend teachers we feel will be a good fit. The teachers will then email you to offer interview times. We encourage you to meet with all recommended teachers. Keep in mind, you won’t hurt anyone’s feelings by meeting with more than one teacher – we all want you to find the right instructor. If, while looking through bios, you’ve found a teacher or teachers who stand out to you, and you would like to meet with them, feel free to let us know when you contact us. But be aware, it may not always be possible to meet with the desired teacher. Some teachers may be fully booked, may not have the times available you’re looking for, or may not provide the particular technique or student experience level you need. When in doubt, trust our placement team! We’re here to help.

  1. Meeting With Teachers

Time to meet the prospective teachers! Please arrive early, so you can alert the front desk, or find the teacher’s room, depending on what time your interview takes place. Your interview will likely take place between two other lessons, so please be respectful of the instructor’s time. The interview will be approximately 30 minutes long, and this is your chance to get to know the teacher! Let the teacher know what you’re looking for, and ask any questions you may have. The teacher may also give a “mini lesson” demonstrating their techniques and giving you a taste of what lessons will be like.

  1. Choosing a Teacher

Once you’ve met with your prospective teachers, it’s time to make a decision! Remember – we all want you to find the right teacher, so go for the instructor you feel is the best match for you. It’s not a decision you want to rush, but keep in mind, especially during peak times of the year, open spots may fill up quickly. Once you’ve made up your mind, be sure to let us know right away! Or maybe you met with an instructor and knew instantly they were the right one for you – that’s great too! If you’ve found your teacher, you can sign up with them right then and there.

  1. Forms and Payments

This may sound like the boring part of music lessons, but it’s an essential one! Your teacher will go over the forms with you and will fill out their own portion themselves. Payment must be made and forms must be filled out completely before you can be entered into our system. If we don’t have forms and payment, your spot at MACSA will not be secured, and you might miss out on the instructor you’re so excited about!

  1. Lessons

Now for the best part – lessons! You will have a set day and time for your lessons every week, and payments are due the first of every month. Remember to practice regularly, and keep communicating with your teacher about your goals. We believe that music is an essential part of life, and we look forward to welcoming you to our MACSA family!