Brenda Boyd,
Preschool Piano Specialist

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Preschool Piano Brenda Boyd

Preschool Piano Specialist

North West

Student Levels: Beginner

Student Ages: Two years 9 months to six years


Brenda Boyd started teaching preschool piano in 1991 and joined MACSA in 2006. She has over 20 years experience teaching piano to children and has completed specialized training as a Preschool Music Teacher. This training and her background, when combined with her energetic, outgoing personality and her love for children, make her a successful and highly sought after teacher for children ages 3-6.

Even her youngest students are given opportunities to learn and perform in a friendly and encouraging environment.

By the time they complete her Preschool Piano Program, using Music for Little Mozarts, published by Alfred, Ms. Brenda’s students have gained a love for music as well as an understanding of basic musical concepts that will enhance their learning and development. This, in turn, will enable them to continue lessons successfully as they grow.



Testimonials for Ms. Boyd


Our children loved going to visit Miss Brenda each week for piano lessons!
We could tell they were having fun when they told us stories about all the games and activities they played in class, alongside learning the fundamentals of keyboard technique at an early age. I appreciated the thorough notes she provided to me each week, which gave me tips on how to reinforce concepts at home. Brenda Boyd is a joy to work with!”

Nathan Cone, Texas Public Radio


My daughter started piano at age 3 with Brenda Boyd.
Because I am a professional musician and music educator myself, I was very selective about the teacher I chose for my daughter’s first experience with music lessons.  Ms. Brenda has a very gentle way of working with young children, yet at the same time she provides structure appropriate to the age level.  Some of the greatest challenges with pre-school aged children are related to attention span. Ms. Brenda was able to keep my at times very energetic daughter on task and redirect her behavior in a caring way when needed.  I can also see how her soft spoken and gentle manner would be perfect for guiding a shy child through beginning piano.  From her record of student success it is obvious that Ms. Brenda has much experience teaching young children. My daughter was with Ms. Brenda for two years, and played two successful recitals.  Ms. Brenda is extremely organized and thorough in her documentation of student success and needs.  Our daughter has now moved up to a new teacher and is continuing her piano studies at the next level.  We will be forever grateful to Ms. Brenda for fostering a love of music and learning in our daughter.”

Teresa Nguyen, Orchestra Director Clark High School