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Changing Lives Through Music

Our staff is a collection of talented, dedicated professional instructors and musicians who combine a love of music with a desire to help others who want to achieve their highest musical potential. That passion shows in all we do! Come in anytime and talk to us! We love to discuss what musical training you have already had and your goals–whether they are to turn pro or just enjoy music for the rest of your life.

Lessons Offered

Piano Lessons

More than 20 outstanding piano instructors teach in private, sound proofed studios, each equipped with a grand piano. MACSA’s piano instructors specialize in teaching students from beginning to artist level and from ages 3 to adult. From Jazz and Hymn improvisation to the most challenging music of the classical literature, we have an appropriate instructor for you!

Voice Lessons

Classical & Musical Theater Voice Instruction

MACSA offers private voice instruction for beginners and experienced singers, teens and adults. MACSA’s voice teachers are classically trained singers and performers, who also have significant musical theater experience. Classical vocal technique is the base for any style of singing.

Popular Style Voice

Is your child in choir or any other type of singing group? Our popular style voice lessons can give kids the tools they need to hit the high notes and nail those solos.

Real World Singing

For those whose interests lie neither in the classical realm nor in musical theater, Real World Singing is where you belong!Taking the techniques and ideas from classical vocal training and musical theater, we re-shape them to meet the needs of each student and the style they wish to sing in. Whether you are looking for Rock, Country, Blues, Latino or just Top 40’s, we will teach you the theories and methods to take you as far as you want to go.

Guitar Lessons

Whether you want to be a real ‘guitar hero’ or want to develop mastery of the beautiful music for classical guitar – or both! – We have a guitar instructor to meet your needs.

Preschool Piano

Designed for the younger beginner (ages 3-6_, Preschool Piano establishes a firm foundation in the basis of music and introduction to piano. Through song, dance, movement, and more, students learn technique, theory, and ear training skills necessary for the budding pianist. Individual lessons are offered year round and small group lessons are offered periodically, usually in the summer.


Interested in violin or viola? Let our highly qualified instructors teach you the proper technique in mastering a stringed instrument.


Learn the fundamentals and skills required for playing the clarinet or flute. Increase in your musical knowledge and playing abilities.

Adaptive Music Lessons

Individuals with any and all special needs can learn to play an instrument and receive the same benefits from music study as any one else. MACSA has teachers who have the training and experience necessary to foster success for any one desiring to learn music.

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We are located at 12732 Cimarron Path #100, 78249 and 700 E. Sonterra #206, 78258. Or, call us at 210-697-7111 or 210-490-1500. You can also email [email protected] for more information.

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