Taking Guitar Classes in San Antonio? 6 Items You’ll Need to Purchase

When you’re about to start taking guitar classes in San Antonio, obviously, you’ll need an acoustic or electric guitar. But those aren’t the only supplies you’ll need if you want to have a successful lesson.

Before you head to your first class, be sure to stock up on these six crucial items:

  1. Tuner – If you’re taking guitar classes in San Antonio for the first time, then you’ll definitely need a tuner. This will help you keep your instrument in tune before, during and after your lessons. Over time, you’ll be able to tune your guitar by ear, but this can take years to master.
  2. Capo – A capo is a small device that you place on the neck of your guitar. It helps raise the pitch of your guitar, allowing you to play higher notes without retuning your strings. Many popular songs require a capo to play, so you’ll want to invest in one early. A spring-clamp capo or a strap-on capo are both great options.
  3. Case – To protect your guitar while you travel to and from lessons, you’ll want to invest in a good, quality case. Though soft cases may save you cash, generally, you’ll want a hard case. This will best protect your guitar if you drop it, hit it against a wall or make any other error.
  4. Strap – Straps help you keep your instrument close to you, without having to use your hands. This makes it easy to play while standing – a crucial skill you’ll need to learn.
  5. Extra strings – Strings don’t last forever. In fact, chances are you’ll break one or two in just the first couple of lessons. Try to buy a multi-pack that offers you at least two or three of each string.
  6. Instruction book – Contact your teacher, and find out what instruction book they want you to purchase. This will have all your lessons, songs and assignments that you’ll need to use throughout your classes.

Are you considering taking guitar classes in San Antonio? Then come to the Musical Arts Center. Our expert teachers can help you master the instrument of your choice in no time. We even offer performance opportunities! Call 210-697-7111 or fill in our Interested in Lessons form.

San Antonio Piano Lessons Can Be a Form of Therapy

While enrolling your child in San Antonio piano lessons can certainly be fun, did you know they can also serve as a form of therapy as well? It may sound far-fetched, but it’s 100% true. Music lessons have actually been proven to help children with anxiety, developmental problems, emotional issues and more. They’ve even been helpful for children with learning disorders, disabilities and autism.

Music as Therapy
Generally dubbed “music therapy,” piano, voice, guitar and other musical lessons have been used by professional therapists and counselors for many years. They are typically used to address physical, social, emotional and even cognitive issues in children, though they sometimes may even be used to help adult patients.

Our San Antonio piano lessons – and other musical programs – can be used as therapy for your child by:

  • Offering a new avenue of communication – If your child has difficulty communicating or expressing him or herself, then music can often help. It offers a new avenue of communication, one that doesn’t require speaking or using words. Over time, these improved communication skills will often transfer over to other areas of life.
  • Providing physical rehabilitation – For children with physical disabilities, particularly those that affect the arms, legs, hands and feet, piano lessons can have significantly rehabilitative effects. They can improve movement, hand-eye coordination and dexterity.
  • Serving as an emotional outlet – Many children aren’t responsive to traditional spoken counseling and therapy. Through their voice and various musical instruments, they are often more willing to express their thoughts, emotions and struggles. This can help alleviate stress and improve emotional well-being.

Enroll Your Child Today
Could your child utilize the therapeutic benefits of music? Then contact the Musical Arts Center today and enroll in our San Antonio piano lessons. We’ll match your child with the perfect teacher for their specific needs and goals.

Don’t Stop at Private Guitar Lessons – Get Performing!

Enrolling in private guitar lessons is one thing, but if you really want to succeed in the music scene – either academically or professionally – then you can’t stop there. You also need to hone your performing skills, too. And what better way to do that then performing in and around San Antonio?

If you’re enrolled in private guitar lessons, you should be showing off the skills you learn in local performances and concerts on a regular basis. Though it may be a little overwhelming at first, the more you do it, the better you’ll become. Soon enough, you’ll grab that first chair in your school band, you’ll make the cut in the school musical, or you’ll get into the music college of your choice.

Not sure where to start? Here are some ways to get performing:

  1. Participate in competitions – Compete in local, state and international festivals with other musicians your age. At MACSA, we can even help you enroll and prepare for these!
  2. Take part in our rock shows – We host regular rock shows and acoustic shows in public venues around San Antonio and at our outdoor plaza in Stone Oak. Perform a song or two at the next one, and show off your skills for the community.
  3. Join Performance Club – We even offer a Performance Club, where you and other musicians can participate in regular recitals. These help you improve your performance skills and get noticed.
  4. Look for local open mics – Many coffee shops, restaurants and bars in the area offer regular open mic sessions. Just show up with your instrument and you can take part for free.
  5. Get involved at school – Take advantage of the musical opportunities your school provides. Whether its band, orchestra, choir or even a school radio station, it will help you improve your performing skills immensely.

Are you taking private guitar lessons? Then improve your skills even further by getting out there and performing. Contact the Musical Arts Center of San Antonio today to learn more about our performance opportunities.

Need a Great Christmas Gift? Consider Private Vocal Instruction

Are you stumped on what to get the music lover in your life this holiday season? Why not invest in their talents, and give them their own private vocal instruction lessons? Vocal lessons are the gift that keeps on giving. Not only does your loved one get to open your gift come Christmas morning—they also get to go to lessons, week after week, for the next few months or even years! For a music lover, this type of gift can be huge.

Why Choose Vocal Lessons This Christmas
With vocal lessons, you’re giving your loved one a gift they will thoroughly enjoy – something they can be passionate and excited about each and every week. You’re also helping them better their talents, and if music’s in their future, this can be a significant game-changer in their lives.

Private vocal instruction is a particularly great gift for loved ones who:

  • Are involved in drama, musicals or the performing arts
  • Aspire to enroll in a music program or college after graduation
  • Intend to enter the music industry or a music-oriented career
  • Are in their school’s band, orchestra or choir
  • Want to start a band or perform in a solo act
  • Love singing but have just never had the right outlet for it
  • Would like to improve their singing skills
  • Need a confidence boost and help improving their performance skills

This Christmas, don’t just buy something off the shelf for your loved one. Consider vocal lessons instead. They offer a heartfelt, creative and personalized gift that every music lover is sure to appreciate dearly.

Ready to Purchase Vocal Lessons for Your Loved One?
If you think your loved one would like private vocal instruction this Christmas, contact the Musical Arts Center of San Antonio today. Our expert vocal teachers can help them hone their skills, improve their talents and explore their musical passions further. Call us today at 210-697-7111 to learn more.