Electric Guitar Lessons for Beginners: Determining Your Style

Are you thinking of enrolling in electric guitar lessons for beginners? If so, you’ll need to decide what style of guitar you’re interested in. You could go the standard route, and learn pop and rock songs, or maybe you’d prefer to opt for a more classic style, like jazz, blues or Spanish guitar. You could even decide to “get back to your roots” by choosing country or bluegrass. Either way, there’s always a style to fit your needs.

Are you starting electric guitar lessons for beginners? Here’s how you can determine the right style for you:

  • What music do you like? It’s important to choose a style of music to play that you actually like listening to. That way, you’ll have more fun, as well as be more dedicated to your lessons and excited about your instrument. Sit down and think about your favorite types of music – your favorite songs and favorite artists – and consider giving those styles a whirl first.
  • What are your goals? Are you looking to start a band and put on local concerts? Would you prefer to join your school musical groups or marching band? Maybe you’d rather enter competitions and contests? Rock, pop and country may be a better fit if you want to start a band, while more classical styles may be better for competitive environments or school musical groups.
  • Where will you be performing? Take a minute and think about where you’d like to perform. Do you want to do your school’s talent show, or put on local shows and concerts? Or do you simply want to play in your room, in private? These possibilities will all play a role in what style will be best for you.

Once you’ve determined what style you want to learn, this will help you hone in on your equipment needs, too. For country, you may want to invest in a slide, and for rock music, different distortion pedals may be the right fit. Be sure to talk to your instructor ahead of time and find out exactly what you should bring for your style of lesson.

Want to learn more about electric guitar lessons for beginners, or are you ready to enroll? Contact the Musical Arts Center of San Antonio today.


Private Voice Lessons: Do You Need to Bring Anything?

One of the most common questions we get from new students is “what should I bring?” Though there are a few items that every music student needs to have on hand, the list of what to bring truly depends on what type of lesson you’re taking. This is especially true for private voice lessons, which require a number of items other lessons don’t, including a few you probably wouldn’t expect!

Are you about to start private voice lessons? If so, here’s what you should bring to your first lesson:

  • A healthy voice – If you’re sick, have a sore throat or are losing your voice, you shouldn’t strain it by singing. If your voice isn’t in full health, talk to your instructor; you may want to reschedule!
  • Recording device – Your voice may sound different to you than it does to the rest of the world. Using some kind of recording device, like a cassette recorder, a microcassette recorder or your smart phone, can help you get a better grasp on your voice’s strengths and weaknesses. It can also help you play back your lessons so you can practice on your own time.
  • Notebook and pencil – You’ll want to be able to take notes during your lesson, so you can refer back to them at home and at your next session.
  • A binder and any books your instructor has assigned you – A three-ring binder is a great way to keep your sheet music and notes organized. Be sure to stock it with dividers and folders, too.
  • Lyrics and sheet music for any song you want to learn – If there’s a specific song you need or want to learn, get the sheet music and lyrics for it, and bring it to your lesson. If you have a recording of it (CD or MP3) bring that, too.
  • Water – You’ll need to keep your throat lubricated during the lesson, so don’t forget bring a bottle of water with you.

You can set yourself up for success with your private voice lessons by being prepared and bringing these items with you. Not enrolled in lessons just yet? Contact the Musical Arts Center of San Antonio to get started today.